Navarro Shamon Jamerson

Navarro Shamon Jamerson helped create health, wellness, fitness & beauty platforms such as PressOnDemand & PressPro which he hints are an Amazon and Rakuten for the next generation.  He has also had a long-standing career in sports marketing & management, which lead him to build countless e-commerce sites and platforms.

Opening Weekend: Encore Beach Club And Surrender

N. Shamon Jamerson and Pro Bowl, Super Bowl Champ Nick Barnett at grand opening Encore Beach Club and Surrender Memorial Weekend.

Erythrophore cell response to food‐associated pathogenic bacteria: implications for detection


 Dr. J.E. Trempy gratefully acknowledges the invaluable input from  colleague, Dr. Philip McFadden and the contributions of  Navarro Shamon Jamerson, This research was supported by grants from the Dr. Harry B. and Ralph H. Levey Philanthropic Fund and the Tartar Foundation, Awarded from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Spring Football Profile -Shamon Jamerson

Navarro Shamon Jamerson from Los Angeles, California. Jamerson is battling to keep his starting position from a host of challengers.

Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em

Shamon Jamerson, a college teammate of Nick Barnett shared similar interest, Barnett worked as a promoter, host, and Dj at their dance clubs and events him and Jamerson put on during their college years. The events were organized and produced by himself and Navarro Shamon Jamerson. Read more at